Three Questions to Ask the Bankruptcy Attorneys in Baltimore Before Making a Commitment

Three Questions to Ask the Bankruptcy Attorneys in Baltimore Before Making a Commitment

How much does it cost? Will be easy? These are the essential questions to ask any of the local Bankruptcy Attorneys in Baltimore. The answers will likely determine who has the best chance to deliver a slam-dunk resolution. The costs, the team, and the ease of going through the process will all offer valuable insight.

What does the attorney fee cost?

Clients should know up front how much the bankruptcy is going to cost them. Some attorneys may only offer flat retainer fees, while others may offer their services entirely for free, but they want a larger payout when the case closes. Some only charge for a successful case, while others charge more if the case does not work out. All these dynamics make the attorney costs and fees a paramount factor.

Is the bankruptcy going to be easy or difficult?

A person with $5,000 in credit card consumer debt and a mortgage that is almost paid off will be able to work of bankruptcy far easier than someone in the middle of a divorce facing foreclosure. How easy is it really to receive the bankruptcy? All bankruptcy attorneys in Baltimore should be able to clearly explain what is going to be the biggest obstacles in receiving the bankruptcy and getting out from under the situation.

Does the attorney work with a paralegal?

The answer this could have both benefits and cons. For one, paralegals can offer a lot of insight and help in obtaining the resources and the strategy for bankruptcy. Attorneys that work closely with paralegals could be a benefit. But, they can also be slight detriments. Some attorneys may have paralegals accompany their client to the court. This means that when it comes to the day to show up in court, the attorney may not be present. Confirm with the attorney who is going to appear in court and try to get that information in official documentation.

It seems that there are hundreds of different questions asked, and the above only scratches the surface. The choice to go for a bankruptcy could be a risky one, especially in this nerve-racking economic period. It seems that just as the real estate market is coming back, companies are hiring more and the area of bankruptcy is tightening up.