Hire a Social Security Disability lawyer in Beaver Dam WI After an SSDI Claim is Denied

When a person can no longer work because of a disability, SSDI (Social Security disability insurance) can provide them with a degree of financial security. Many people think they cannot possibly be denied such payments, but there are many reasons a person may be kept from getting SSDI. Read on to learn why a person’s SSDI claim may be denied, and how a Social Security Disability lawyer in Beaver Dam WI can help during appeals.

Can a Person Be Denied For a Too-High Income?

This is one of the primary reasons a person may be denied SSDI benefits. The SSA (Social Security Administration) requires that a claimant makes less than the SGA (substantial gainful activity) limit when filing an application. Most people exceed that amount when applying, and are summarily denied because they make too much money to be considered worthy of disability benefits.

Denial Based on Injuries or Work History

In some instances, if a person has an insufficient work history, their SSDI claim may be denied. To be eligible for disability payments, the Social Security Administration must think that the person’s injuries are severe enough to prevent them from working for a year. If the SSA thinks the person can still hold a job, the claim will be denied.

Denials Based on Criminal History

In limited circumstances, a person’s SSDI claim can be denied if they were convicted in conjunction with the onset of disability, or if the injury occurred during incarceration. For instance, if a person commits a felony and is injured in the process, the claim is denied.

Other Reasons for Denial

Other reasons for claim denial include:

  *      The person’s address is invalid and they cannot be located

  *      The claimant refuses to cooperate

  *      The claimant doesn’t follow prescribed therapy

  *      The disability arises from an addiction

  *      The person committed SS fraud

Can an Attorney Help a Claimant Challenge an SSDI Denial?

If a person’s SSDI application is denied, they are allowed to appeal the denial and prove that it was wrongful. Call a Social Security Disability lawyer in Beaver Dam WI with Visit the website to help with the Social Security disability appeals process. A lawyer can explain the government’s reason for denial, and they can tell the client how to challenge those reasons.