Can You Fight Traffic Tickets With a Traffic Lawyer in Culpeper VA?

Most people who receive tickets are upset about it, but they simply, pay them and go about their day. There are times, however, when the ticket may be undeserved or incorrect and the person doesn’t want to simply pay it. Instead, they might consider hiring a traffic lawyer in Culpeper VA to help them fight the ticket. This is frequently successful, but may not be worth the money for smaller tickets.

A simple speeding ticket likely isn’t going to be one worth hiring a lawyer to fight. They’re generally a few hundred dollars or less and it’s easier to just pay them. Even with these, though, if they will result in the person having too many points on their license and the risk of their license being suspended, might be worth fighting. Larger tickets, like those for dangerous driving, running a red light, parking in a handicap spot, and more can be worth fighting, especially if the person should not have received a ticket. In these cases, hiring a lawyer will often be helpful.

A person might receive a ticket for parking in a handicap spot illegally if they forgot to hang their tag in the window. This is often something that’s easy for a traffic lawyer to handle. They also might have received a ticket in the mail and want to fight it because the license plate was transcribed wrong and it wasn’t actually them driving. They could have a defense for running a red light or they could try to argue they weren’t driving dangerously. The lawyer can help them determine a valid defense and help them go to court to request the ticket is dropped or lowered if it cannot be dropped. This can help them save quite a bit of money.

If you’ve received a ticket, it’s a good idea to think about the amount of the ticket, why it was issued, and whether you believe it’s valid. If you don’t believe it was valid or you believe you could have a defense for the ticket to have it dismissed, it’s a good idea to talk to a Traffic Lawyer in Culpeper VA. They have a full understanding of traffic laws and can help you go to court to have the ticket lowered or dismissed. Visit us today for more information or to find a lawyer to hire.