Tips for At-Fault Drivers from an Automobile Accident Lawyer in Bowie MD

Tips for At-Fault Drivers from an Automobile Accident Lawyer in Bowie MD

Auto accidents occur every day, and when someone causes an accident, their first reaction is to admit fault and apologize. However, in most cases it is best to be polite, go by the book and get an automobile accident lawyer in Bowie MD involved as soon as possible. Below are several tips to help drivers in the event of auto accident liability.

Have Sufficient Auto Insurance

It is crucial to have enough auto insurance to protect against accident-related liability. Drivers who are unaware of their coverage level should consult their agent to find out more. While most areas have mandatory minimums for coverage, those with more to lose should buy coverage above the state minimum. Even those with few assets should consider additional liability coverage to protect their passengers in an at-fault accident.

Have Umbrella Coverage

If a person owns a home or has a mortgage, they likely have homeowner’s insurance. Most mortgage holders’ policies have provisions for umbrella or excess liability coverage, which handles liabilities in excess of an auto policy’s limits. This coverage can protect the home from a judicial foreclosure when an at-fault driver is unable to pay a judgment.

Keep Quiet

While fault may be clear-cut, admitting fault to police could result in a moving violation. Most states require the officer to witness a violation to issue a citation, but those who admit to violations may still get a ticket. At-fault drivers should not admit fault to anyone else involved, or post about it on social media.

Be Careful When Taking Pictures

While an Automobile Accident Lawyer in Bowie MD may advise clients to take pictures at the accident scene, it is important to exercise good judgment and discretion. If damage is slight, taking pictures could prevent the other party from exaggerating damages. However, if the damage is severe, an at-fault driver may not want to take photos unless they see someone else doing the same.

Be Wary of Auto Accident Fraud

There are unethical people who try to cause accidents on purpose. It is advisable to pay attention to other drivers at all times, as being observant can help a driver avoid becoming involved in such an accident. Visit us to learn more on how an at-fault driver can protect his or her rights after an accident.