What Does a Divorce Attorney in Dundalk, MD Do?

What Does a Divorce Attorney in Dundalk, MD Do?

A Divorce Attorney in Dundalk MD does a number of things for clients. Perhaps the most important of these is assistance with the actual paperwork. In the state of Maryland, the divorce paperwork can seem complicated or even completely overwhelming to the average person. The divorce lawyer will explain what each of the legal terms means and help the client make sure all the correct paperwork is filed.

One thing that often causes confusion with a divorce is the grounds for filing. The state of Maryland allows all of the following grounds for divorce: adultery, desertion for a minimum of 12 months continuously, a 12 month or greater separation during which the spouses lived separately, cruel treatment towards a spouse, cruel treatment towards a minor child of the spouse who filed the divorce, insanity as documented by a minimum of three years in an institution, and mutual agreement.

The majority of divorces that are filed in Maryland have cite mutual agreement as the grounds for divorce, but this isn’t always a possibility. In cases where one person wishes to dissolve the marriage, but the other person does not, the lawyer will help the client find the divorce grounds that will still allow them to file for and successfully obtain the divorce. In cases such as adultery, it is not always required to actually catch the other partner in the act. Circumstantial evidence can be significant in this case, and the divorce lawyer will help the person who is filing for divorce to compile the evidence they need.

It is possible to obtain alimony in the state of Maryland if certain income requirements are met. The divorce lawyer can help people who are seeking alimony to establish the fact they are entitled to this income if that is the case. Additionally, parents can obtain child support from the spouse they are divorcing. Child support is also based on income, but the more significant factor with child support is the physical custody of the child. The spouse who keeps the child the most is often entitled to child support from the non-custodial parent. When looking for a Divorce Attorney in Dundalk MD, consider calling a leading local attorney. Maria Caruso is ready to help.

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