Three Reasons to Hire a Criminal Law Attorney in Tyler, TX

The legal system in the United States is too complex for the average person to understand on their own. It is necessary to hire a criminal law attorney in Tyler, TX when an arrest and charges have someone fearing for their freedom. Events like this are serious and this is not the time to try to save money or to be independent. There are many reasons why the advice of a reputable attorney is so important.

Juries are Unique

It may seem as if a jury of peers would be easy to talk to, but defendants must realize that these are not people that know them or can research their reputation. They can only decide on guilt or innocence based on what is seen in the courtroom. A lawyer knows how to avoid simple mistakes that are often read wrong by jurors. They are aware of the social cues, clothing choices and other seemingly minor items that can blemish images.

Conviction Rates Soaring

Guilty verdicts are statistically more common today than they were in the past. This is due in part to a greater availability of surveillance videos as well as reliable DNA testing. However, even the innocent need to understand that the willingness to convict could affect them too. A criminal law attorney in Tyler, TX is the only balance a defendant has against a prosecutor, judge, and jury that are ready to convict.

Punishments Can Vary

Guilty defendants need to have a great lawyer even if there is very little chance of a not-guilty verdict. There is a lot an attorney can do to help their client after they are found guilty. Their assistance can help to reduce the length of incarceration or avoid it completely. Lawyers help to reduce fines, look for options like therapy, rehab or community service instead of harsher penalties and help to file appeals if they think the first trial was unfair.

There is no way to guarantee that someone will beat the charges placed against them. However, the odds of a positive outcome are always much higher when the defendant has an advocate on their side. At the Law Office of Holmes & Moore P.L.L.C., many people have found the support, advice, and guidance they needed to get the result they wanted. Schedule a consultation today to learn more. Visit our Google+ page.