Workmans Comp in Washington, PA: Skilled Attorneys Can Help

Workers’ compensation insurance, also erroneously known as “workmans comp”, is actually a program designed to provide financial support to people who are injured while working or who have an occupational disease.

The Benefits

The list of benefits includes wage replacement, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation, along with other benefits. If you find yourself in need of this support, you already know that an injury related to your work has significant emotional and financial effects not to mention the physical difficulties you experience. While it’s possible that you can get through the process without difficulty, there may be times when you need expert legal assistance with workmans comp in Washington, PA (or workers’ compensation).

These professionals can help when you’re ready to settle a claim and receive your payment in a lump sum. Why? Because if you have a scar associated with the injury, you may be able to get additional compensation. This is just one way in which the experts at Porta-Clark & Ward Attorneys at Law can assist in this particular field.

The Details

An experienced attorney can provide all the information you need about workmans comp, but it might be good to take a look at one example of a time when you could need help. When your claim is approved and you start receiving benefits, the insurance company must continue to pay you, unless they take specific legal steps to stop the payments.

When you have questions or concerns about this issue or any other connected with this benefit, you’ll always be best served by consulting a legal professional. You also have certain obligations before, during and after the claims process, all of which your attorney can assist you with. Like us on Facebook.