Legal Representation for You

While a traffic violation might seem like a minor crime, it can have lasting consequences on you personally and professionally. If you find yourself facing a court date because of a traffic violation, you need a traffic violation lawyer near Belvidere IL. We offer representation to drivers who find themselves facing a variety of traffic violation charges.

One of the most common traffic violations that you might get is a speeding ticket. Speed violations can be serious, especially if you are charged with speeding in a school zone. In some cases, your charge of speeding could be combined with other traffic violations. Perhaps the police officer is also charging you with failure to maintain a clear distance ahead between you and the next driver. Maybe you failed to signal a turn. When combined, these traffic violations could result in considerable penalties as well as points on your driver’s license.

Traffic violations could cause a problem for you at work. If your job involves any driving, your livelihood could be at risk. Many employers place employment restrictions around your driving record. If you have a conviction for a traffic violation, you could lose your job. Some jobs that might have this type of an employment restriction in place include delivery drivers, school bus operators, school transportation coordinators, and government employees who must travel for their work duties.

When you need a traffic violation lawyer in Belvidere IL, contact us at Crosby Law Firm. We will listen to your situation and investigate the details of your case. If we can represent you, we can go to court on your behalf and handle all of the proceedings. Contact us by phone to schedule a consultation with our lawyer or visit us online at for more information about our legal services.