Making the Most of the Services Offered by a 24 Hour Bail Service

Arrests don’t necessarily take place during standard business hours. If a loved one is pulled over for driving under the influence or any other types of issues, there is the need to move fast. A professional with a 24 Hour Bail Service is always ready to help no matter what time of the day or night the incident takes place. Here are some of the things that the professional will do on behalf of the client.

Contacting the Court

To learn what can be done to obtain the release of the arrested party, the bonding agent from the 24 Hour Bail Service in Georgetown, TX will contact the court and find out when the judge will set bail. At that time, it is also possible to verify the charges and get some idea of what type of bail the judge is likely to set. This provides the bonding professional offering the 24 hour bail service with the opportunity to convey the information to the client and arrange for payment to cover the services.

Pledging the Bond

Once the time is set for the hearing, the bonding agent will arrange to be present. Once the judge sets the bail, the agent can take action. This will involve pledging the bond to the court. Essentially, the bonding agent is making a covenant with the court to ensure the accused party will return on the date set for the trial. Once the court accepts the pledge, the process of preparing the party for release will get underway.

Confirming the Party Showed Up

Many bonding agents will arrange to be in court when the trial date arrives. Once it’s confirmed that the individual did remain in compliance with the conditions of the bail, the commitment of the bonding company is considered fulfilled.

There’s no reason to spend time behind bars awaiting a court date. Contact the team at Williamson County Bail Bond and arrange for a professional to pledge the necessary bond. Doing so will make it easier to carry on with day to day tasks while waiting for the opportunity to mount a defense in a court of law.