What Happens When You Meet With a Post Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in Martinsburg WV?

What Happens When You Meet With a Post Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in Martinsburg WV?

Marriage is a big step and requires careful thinking. Although most people enter marriage never thinking they will part with their love, around 50% of all marriages still end. This is why it is imperative individuals seek help from an attorney to ensure they properly protect their rights and best interests before and after the marriage, should it end in divorce. The first step in getting help is meeting with a Post Prenuptial Rental Agreement Attorney in Martinsburg WV.

Options For Agreements

Most people have at least heard of prenuptial agreements, even if they have never used one before. These agreements spell out what will be done with each party’s respective property, should the marriage end up failing and divorce needs to be sought. These agreements are drawn up and signed before the nuptials take place and are legally binding for both parties in the marriage.

There is also a postnuptial agreement that can be drawn up by the Post Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in Martinsburg WV. This agreement is written after the marriage has taken place. It is important to note, while these agreements are now more widely accepted by the courts than ever before, they are still more heavily scrutinized than a prenuptial agreement because the parties have more rights after entering a marriage than they had before.

For this reason, it is imperative married couples meet with an attorney before drawing up any type of prenup or postnup agreement, so they can be sure both of their rights will be properly protected, and the document will be legal and binding.

A postnuptial agreement must meet the following criteria in order to be considered legally binding by the court.

* Postnuptial agreements must be in writing before they can be enforced.
* Both parties must have voluntarily signed the agreement.
* Full and fair disclosure must have occurred at the time of the signing of the agreement.
* The agreement must be fair to both parties to the marriage.
* The postnuptial agreement must have been validly executed.

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