2 Ways Bedsores Can Affect Your Life When Confined in Nassau

Bedsores occur when the blood supply to the skin is cut off for several hours. A red and painful area forms when the skin begins to die. Bedsores can get infected when left untreated and can lead to serious health conditions. Perhaps bedsores or pressure ulcers are now appearing on your body. You may be wondering why your healthcare professional did not do anything to prevent them from forming. Here are 2 ways bedsores can affect your life and who you should turn to for help.


As with any health condition, finances remain to be the top concern when seeking treatment. Bedsores is a health condition that can significantly affect your life as this is a debilitating condition that will not allow you to work. This means falling behind on financial obligations like your mortgage, utility bills, and more.

Mental Health

Bedsores can affect your mental health and is another way it can affect your life. You are suffering both physically and mentally since you are confined to a bed or wheelchair. Because your healthcare professional did not help you adjust your body to prevent bedsores from forming, you are now left wondering about the future and quality of your life.

Legal Bedsore Expertise

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