How to Protect Your Elderly Parent from Nursing Home Abuse in New York City

You may have decided to put your elderly parent in the nursing home. It is a hard decision, but your parent can no longer live independently. You should also check your parent for bedsores when going to visit. Read on to find out how to protect your parent from nursing home abuse.

Check for Bedsores

It is not normal for nursing home patients to develop bedsores. Nursing home staff must provide a level of care that prevents this condition from developing. They are supposed to reposition and turn the patient regularly.

If a patient is not taken care of properly, then he or she will develop bedsores. This condition can become severe and cause infection. If you think your parent is suffering, then you should talk to a bedsore attorney at Nassau County law firm.

Improper Care

The staff is aware of your parent having bedsores. However, they are not taking care of the wound properly. Your parent may not be receiving proper dosage of medication and is not getting supervised. These things are neglect. It helps to talk to a bedsore attorney Nassau County law firm about your concerns.

Why Patient Neglect Occurs?

Nursing home abuse occurs when a facility is understaffed. Sometimes, the staff is not properly trained. The worst-case scenario is when the staff just stops caring.

If your parent has bedsores, then you should ask for immediate treatment. It helps to research the nursing home’s background. You should also check for a history of bedsores in other patients. Contact Sinel & Olesen, PLLC at to start building your case today.