When to Meet with a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in North Andover, MA

What happens if you get seriously injured at work? Your first responsibility is to report it or make sure it gets reported in the required time frame. Failure to report an injury will affect your Workers’ Compensation benefits and could cause you to be out of work. When should you meet with a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in North Andover, MA? If you get injured, report it in a timely manner and if you do not start receiving benefits within a satisfactory amount of time or you do not hear from Workers’ Comp about your claim, you need to talk to a lawyer.

Unfortunately, workplace injuries are all too common and not everyone knows what to do or that they have rights to benefits under certain circumstances. There is ample information about Workers’ Compensation that should be in your employee handbook and posted at your workplace. If you are unable to find out about these benefits, consult Workers Compensation Lawyer in North Andover, MA and gain a clear understanding.

Workers’ Compensation covers you if you are injured while performing work tasks either as part of your job description or assigned to you by a supervisor. It is not designed to cover accidents that happen on your lunch break or before and after work unless you are performing a work-related task assigned to you during those times. The laws are complex regarding Workers’ Compensation, so talking to a lawyer is the only real way to know if you have a claim and if it is worth pursuing.

Ideally, you should be able to receive your Workers’ Comp benefits quickly after you are injured, and they should continue until you are able to work again. If you become disabled, there are ways to get disability and Workers’ Comp may cover some of your expenses if you become disabled for a time. If you have been injured while you are on the job and you are unsure if you are eligible for benefits or you have been denied benefits, meet with a workers compensation lawyer to find out what you can do. The lawyers at Law Office Of Robert E Frawley offer consultations to help you find out what to do about Workers’ Comp benefits.