A DCFS Appeal Lawyer in Orange County, CA, Defends Against Unfair Allegations

Dealing with the Department of Children and Family Services can be extremely stressful when agents are investigating the household. The parents fear they will be viewed as neglectful or, even worse, abusive. When the agents have removed children from home, hiring a DCFS Appeal Lawyer in Orange County, CA, is essential for resolving the situation.

Unfair Accusations

When DCFS removes youngsters fromhome, they typically are placed in foster care. The parents are distraught, and young children cannot understand what is happening. In some instances, the agents are correct to be concerned. In others, the parents are unfairly accused of neglect or abuse. A DCFS Appeal Lawyer in Orange County, CA, can help.

Why do caring, effective mothers and fathers sometimes have to face a DCFS investigation? This happens for many reasons.


For example, a well-meaning neighbor may have reported behavior that seemed questionable. This could be something that felt entirely innocent to the parents, such as occasionally letting their children walk to a nearby playground and play unsupervised. A child who has frequent night terrors and wakes up screaming could be heard by next-door neighbors. Those individuals might suspect the youngster is being harmed. A healthcare provider may feel compelled to report an injury that seems suspicious.

Concluding Thoughts

Many people believe today’s society is far too vigilant about harmless activity. Mothers and fathers justifiably are scared that their reputations will be ruined. They need a lawyer to successfully refute the allegations and have the children returned home. Legal representation is available from the law firm shown at ALL Trial Lawyers.