An SSD Lawyer in Alabama Assists Applicants with Insufficient Verification

The federal government turns down most requests for Social Security disability insurance payments. Often this is due to incomplete paperwork or forms filled out incorrectly. The applicant may not have included enough documentation to prove disability. Another problem occurs when the applicant has not regularly pursued medical treatment or attempted to resolve the issue. An SSD lawyer in Alabama can help these men and women file an appeal.

Inconsistent Pursuit of Medical Care

When someone files for disability but hasn’t aggressively sought a solution through medical care, surgery or physical therapy, representatives may believe the disorder is not that bothersome. They might suspect the individual hopes to avoid working in the future by exaggerating a physical condition or intentionally allowing it to continue.

An SSD lawyer in Alabama wants to know why the applicant has been inconsistent about pursuing medical care. Perhaps this man or woman no longer has health insurance and cannot afford doctor appointments. The person might believe that doctors have already done all they can, so continuing to seek treatment seems pointless.

Why Is This Situation Different?

In some cases, the applicant has a condition that prevents working in the same occupation he or she had been doing for years. However, the agents know that many individuals with the same condition remain in the workforce. The applicant must make it clear why this situation is different. The Administration wants official verification regarding the disability. Attorneys with a law firm like the one shown at Lemoine Law Firm are ready to provide a consultation.