Filing a Lawsuit with a Truck Accident Lawyer in Orange County CA

If you have been seriously injured in a trucking accident, this is certain to cause a great deal of financial losses. The most effective method to assist you in recovering these losses may involve taking legal action. By retaining the assistance of a truck accident lawyer Orange County CA, you can begin the road to financial recovery.

Filing the Lawsuit

The plaintiff is responsible for filing the legal action and should consult with an attorney to do so. The charges and allegations must be filed against the defending party to allow for the lawsuit to be strong enough to be won in court.

It is important to meet with a truck accident lawyer in Orange County CA to discuss the details of the case. This will also allow the attorney to review the charges and identify if the plaintiff has a strong case.

Once the charges have been made and the attorney agrees with the case, the legal documents will be drafted and filed with the court.

The Response

Every lawsuit filed must be responded to by the defending party. The time required to respond to the lawsuit is 30 days. If additional time is needed to respond, the defendant can file an extension with the court for an additional 30 days.

The defendant must address each charge individually and provide a response by either admitting or denying the charge.

The Discovery Stage

One of the most critical parts of any lawsuit will involve the discovery stage. This will allow the details of the incident that provoked the legal action to be identified extensively.

There are four parts to the discovery stage and these include written interrogatories, the deposition, the requests for admissions, and the request for production documents.

It is important for either party involved in the lawsuit to respond thoroughly and concisely to any discovery that is required for the defendant to answer.

The Mediation

When it comes to settling a lawsuit, the mediation is the time to do it. This is court-appointed and requires the plaintiff and defendant to attend. There will be a mediator that will work between the parties to agree to a settlement deal.

The attorney for each party will be present and there are a number of benefits for settling any dispute at the mediation and will avoid the parties going to court. To know more about such scenarios, visit ALL Trial Lawyers.