Why Criminal Defence Lawyers Are Essential

According to the Singapore Constitution, upon arrest, the law requires your release after 24 hours or following an appearance in court. In either situation, the presence of expert criminal defence lawyers in Singapore is crucial. The appearance of a lawyer is essential to ensure a solid defence.

Contact a Criminal Defence Lawyer

If you are facing being charged with committing a criminal offence, it is important to have a lawyer skilled in the criminal justice system by or on your side. A criminal defence attorney can be present in court following your arrest to help you successfully challenge any attempt to continue remand. Alternatively, the lawyer can request you enter a plea at a later date. Admittedly, having an attorney present may not always be possible. It does not mean, however, you should forego legal counsel. Hiring a lawyer later is always better than not hiring one at all.

If, for some reason, police do release you after an arrest, do not assume you are in the clear. This may be a preliminary action taken while they investigate further. Be proactive. Call a lawyer to address the problem prior to any further legal action. Criminal defence lawyers, after assessing the situation will take the necessary steps. In fact, it might end any further investigation.

Criminal Defence Lawyers

Do not address a criminal action on your own. If you want to reduce the risks, hire a criminal defence lawyer. S/he can help you navigate the system by providing you with the best defence possible.