3 Reasons Every Defendant Needs to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Attorney

People who find themselves in legal trouble should never try to navigate the legal system alone. The law is complex and there are too many opportunities for a person’s rights to be violated or overlooked. Hiring a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer is the first step toward an acquittal or a reduction in charges, but it doesn’t mean one should hire a lawyer only after an arrest. Below are examples of when it’s a good idea to call a lawyer.

Police Questioning

Often, people are asked to come to the police department to answer questions related to a crime. While many people willingly go to the police department to answer questions to avoid looking like they have something to hide, it’s better to not go alone. Having an attorney by one’s side during police questioning is the best way to protect one’s rights.

Charges Have Been Filed

Being charged with a crime is scary. There is a lot of uncertainty and stress. As soon as one is charged with a crime, they must hire an attorney to represent them to ensure they don’t say anything to implicate themselves further and to protect their rights during all aspects of the legal process.

Navigating Plea Deals

Prosecutors offer plea deals for many reasons, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good deal for the defendant. A defense attorney will explain the terms of the plea, negotiate better terms, and help their client decide if the plea deal is in their best interest to accept.

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