A Child Custody Lawyer in Spokane Valley WA Might Help With Shared Parenting Issues

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Lawyers

Parents who fight over which one of them will get custody of their minor children after they separate often have the interests of their kids at heart but go about the process in a way that can be harmful to their children’s mental health. Children need continuity in their lives. They merely need to know that everything will be okay and that their parents will take care of them. When one parent talks badly about the other to the children, it puts them in a position that causes them to be unsure about their past, present and future. If the court decides they must live with the parent who was the subject of their other parent’s rants, they may be confused during a time when they need to know everything is alright.

A Child Custody Lawyer Spokane Valley WA parents can trust to give them good advice may help divorcing parents make the right decisions for their children. During this time, it’s important to offer children stability. Whenever possible, they should be able to see both of their parents and maintain their relationships with friends and teachers. Although parents may be able to meet a lot of their emotional needs, older children need to be able to rely on other people they trust for support. Although counseling can be helpful for some children who need help expressing their feelings, maintaining a connection with people they knew before the divorce can be just as helpful.

In many divorce cases, shared parenting is better for the children. While they may have to live in two different houses, they get to maintain a loving relationship with both of their parents. Parents who are able to make this arrangement work generally have more emotionally stable children. A Child Custody Lawyer Spokane Valley WA parents turn to most when they need help sorting out custody issues might offer advice to make shared parenting arrangements easier on the parents and the children.

Parents who are able to come to an agreement on where their children will live are often more satisfied with the results. The compassionate attorneys from Cooney Law Offices are always available to help.

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