A Personal Injury Attorney in Centralia, WA Can Help Clients Prove Pain and Suffering

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Lawyers

Damages for pain and suffering are a legal remedy given in personal injury cases, and they are there to reimburse victims for injury-related losses. Pain and suffering are a rather broad term, and its definition is often subjective. It can include injuries such as:

  • Joint and neck pain from an auto accident
  • Nerve damage from a failed surgery
  • Emotional issues stemming from trauma
  • Grief after a loved one’s loss

Documenting one’s pain and suffering often requires the help of a Personal Injury Attorney in Centralia WA and testimony from medical witnesses. It’s also important to remember that laws governing the award of damages can vary by jurisdiction.

When are Damages Given?

Generally, the greater the connection between the injury and the pain and suffering, the more likely a plaintiff is to recover damages. In some instances, damages are included in overall calculations but, in others, they are included in compensatory damages given for lost wages and medical bills. To be awarded, damages for pain and suffering must be quantifiable, and suffering leading to physical injury is likely to result in an award.

Guidelines for Pain and Suffering Suits

When filing a suit for personal injury or pain and suffering, the plaintiff should follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Be specific when presenting the condition as vague conditions typically don’t result in damages
  • Make a record of injuries before and following the incident to help lawyers determine how the pain and suffering are related to the injury.
  • Keep legal documents like medical bills, police reports, pay stubs and other supporting evidence.

Does a Plaintiff Need an Attorney’s Help When Filing a Pain and Suffering Lawsuit?

The circumstances under which pain and suffering damages are awarded are very specific. It is in the client’s best interests to hire legal representation if they need help with filing a personal injury or pain and suffering lawsuit. A Personal Injury Attorney in Centralia WA can provide courtroom representation, and they have the legal knowledge needed to prove damages. Moreover, the lawyer with Putnam Lieb Potvin Attorneys at Law can help the client if they need to file a motion related to the damages award.

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