Addressing a False Allegation in Your Divorce Case

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Lawyers

If you are like most people going through a divorce, few things get your blood boiling faster or hotter than a lie from your soon-to-be ex. Unfortunately, in divorce proceedings and negotiations, allegations are serious matters. If your spouse says things that are not true, you might suffer the consequences. Remember, you always want a skilled attorney to help you through your divorce in Chicago. While you should only consider information provided by a licensed attorney to be legal advice, you might generally approach addressing a false allegation in the following ways.

Refute the Allegation

In a divorce case, false allegations can involve a seemingly endless variety of conduct. Your spouse might assert that you are hiding assets, wasting money, or spending funds on an affair. In a custody negotiation, your spouse might accuse you of abuse or bad parenting. Or, your spouse might insinuate that you have a character defect, abuse substances, or suffer from mental instability. Regardless of the allegation, generally the best thing you can do to address it is to prove it is not true.

As you might imagine, proving an allegation false can be difficult. Generally, refuting the claim requires specifically addressing it. Doing so, of course, depends on what sort of allegation your spouse has made. If your parenting skills are in question, you might seek testimony from a child psychologist. If the issue is with your assets, you might produce account information and receipts to prove the claim wrong. If your spouse is making up charges, you want to have a skilled legal team evaluate the best way to refute them. By working with a lawyer who understands divorce in Chicago, you can typically gather the information or experts necessary to combat a false allegation.

Demonstrate Good Behavior

Divorce proceedings can be extraordinarily stressful. When your spouse pours false allegations into the mixture, they can become downright volatile. For many going through a divorce, it can be tempting to prove your spouse right. For example, if you haven’t been misusing funds but your spouse has accused you of doing so, it can be virtually irresistible to go out and buy a new sports car or take your friends out on the town for an evening. Generally, that’s a bad idea. Often an effective way to refute a false allegation is to demonstrate good behavior throughout the divorce proceedings.

If you are struggling to address a false allegation from your spouse, you should work with an attorney who understands divorce in Chicago. Since you will probably have both a legal and factual argument to make, you want the best legal team you can get.

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