Advice From Drunk Driving Lawyers in Woodland Hills CA For Realistically Taking On An Uphill Battle

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Lawyers and Law Firms

It is not something anyone wants to hear. They have been arrested for drunk driving, and the situation is not in their favor. Yet, this declaration could be enough to change the tide and get into a realistic frame of mind for moving forward.

Drunk driving lawyers in Woodland Hills CA offer a realistic approach to a drunk driving arrest, but one that does not roll over to what may only appear inevitable. The first step is to acknowledge a mistake. The second step is to admit some sense of fault. What naturally follows is a shift in mindset, and an awareness that could save a client from major jail-time.

The below is really an assessment of a client who has a lot of evidence against them and a rather dire take on a drunk driving offense. This may include a second charge for DUI or an injury to another driver. Whether one wants to admit it or not, sometimes a charge is an uphill battle.

Uphill Battles Need to be Acknowledged

A client may think they want drunk driving lawyers in Woodland Hills CA who only offer the good news. But, a logical and practical lawyer is far more beneficial. They can lay out a legitimately concise plan that does not ignore the reality of the situation. Often times, sheer admittance is enough to alleviate the opposition and warm up to the court.

The Potential for Consequence

There will be a consequence. The question is, what will that be? This may not be easy to hear. A potential client will want a lawyer that is honest with them, but will fight every corner of the legal system to make sure that the consequence is in the interest of their client. It is not in anyone’s interest to ignore a potential consequence, but it is best to make sure it makes sense against evidence.

To learn about what one can do for themselves or a loved one in receiving help from drunk driving lawyers in Woodland Hills CA contact Karagozian & Rudolph, PC. Lawyers have seen people turn their entire case around by acknowledging the reality of the situation and the plausible repercussions.

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