An Estate Planning Lawyer in Madison WI Helps Clients Put Affairs in Proper Order

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Attorney

The idea of planning the final distribution of one’s assets and belongings is not something many people relish, yet it is recognized that it must be done. More often than not, people die without leaving a will or other directives for what they have left behind. This turns out to be a mess, particularly if there are two or more parties involved in becoming beneficiaries. In order to avoid putting family members and others through this ordeal, it is best to be proactive and do estate planning. There is an estate planning lawyer in Madison WI, who can help clients put their affairs in order.

Things that will need to be finalized through estate planning are powers of attorney, wills, trusts, probate, last will and testament, and of course, the estate itself. In case a person becomes unable to make decisions for himself or herself, having a living will or an advanced directive will take care of any unclear decisions as to the wishes of the one who has been rendered mentally disabled. These are just some of the things that will need to be addressed with estate planning.

Those who are planning their estates in Wisconsin, should be thoroughly familiar with state laws regarding estate planning. For example, Wisconsin has two taxes that may be applicable: estate tax and the inheritance tax. Talking to an experienced estate attorney will be the best way to ensure that the estate planning is done according to the laws and rules of the state of Wisconsin. The estate attorney will give the client a questionnaire to fill out to get acquainted with the particular needs the client needs for his or her estate.

Horn & Johnsen is a lawyer in Madison WI, who has been providing legal services to residents in the area since 1991. His areas of practice include, but are not limited to, real estate transactions and estate planning. Whether a client is interested in advice about buying or selling a home, or interested in planning for the disposal of his or her final estate, his law firm is available. If in need of an estate planning lawyer in Madison WI, his office is open. One can also visit his website at

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