An Injury Attorney in Vail Can Help Clients Recover Damages

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Every personal injury case is different, and the victim’s recovery depends on their damages and the extent to which they can prove that someone else caused their injuries. Personal injury recoveries are often divided between bodily injury and property damage.

Assigning a Dollar Value to Injuries

The dollar amount of a claim is the total of all losses incurred because of an injury, and it includes property damage as well as physical injury. When determining damages, an injury attorney in Vail will consider the cost of:

* Hospital bills
* Emergency transport
* Medication
* Ongoing treatment
* Loss of earnings potential
* Pain and suffering
* Diminished quality of life

Courts also give punitive damages, which work to punish the at-fault party beyond the dollar value of the claim.

Valuing a Property Damage Claim

The value of a property damage claim depends on the amount of damage sustained. The key is whether the item can be fixed, and the cost of repairs. The legal system typically classes property damage in three ways:

* The repairable property, which is the cost of repairs including interest.
* The destroyed property, which pays the item’s fair market value if it’s lost or destroyed as a result of the other person’s conduct.
* The non-repairable property gives the victim the difference between the market value of the item before damage and after repairs.


Most insurers use a certain formula to determine damages, but the standard is just a starting point. A personal injury attorney can consider a case’s specific circumstances, and they can negotiate with other parties for an agreement that fairly compensates the victim for their losses.

During a personal injury case, each party presents its side of the story. Those who hire an injury attorney in Vail will get someone to represent their interests, to prove that someone else was responsible for the injury, and they will recover what’s rightfully theirs.

Calling a Personal Injury Attorney

If a person thinks they have a legitimate claim, they should consult a personal injury attorney to find more information. A lawyer can protect the client’s rights, and they can help them receive a fair settlement for their injuries.

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