Are You Facing a Robbery Charge? Contact a Robbery Attorney in Allen County IN Quickly

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Lawyers

A person who is facing a robbery charge might be worried about the evidence the police have against them. If they believe the prosecution has enough evidence, they may simply plead guilty and wait to be sentenced. The problem with this is they might end up spending more time in jail than they would have if they had someone to fight for their rights. Instead of believing the prosecution and pleading guilty, they might want to contact a robbery attorney in Allen County IN.

The prosecution is going to attempt to get a guilty plea or a guilty verdict in a trial. While they might have enough evidence for this, often they rely on the person to give in and admit to committing the crime. They might not have enough evidence before the person confesses or they might realize that some of their evidence wasn’t lawfully obtained and couldn’t be used in court, even though the accused person doesn’t know that. They’ll do whatever they can to try to convince the person to go ahead and confess so they don’t have to worry about a lengthy trial that may not end in a guilty verdict.

When the person hires an attorney quickly, they’ll have someone standing up for their rights and looking into the case for them. Their attorney can recommend they don’t say anything to the police or prosecution as anything they say could be used against them. The attorney will also make sure all of the evidence was lawfully obtained and will seek to dismiss any evidence that wasn’t. If there isn’t enough evidence to guarantee a guilty verdict, the attorney will try to have the charges dismissed or lowered. If there is sufficient evidence, they’ll help their client obtain a plea deal so they don’t face the maximum sentences.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with robbery, don’t listen to the prosecution when they tell you they have plenty of evidence and you should just confess. Instead, remain silent and request your attorney to help you through the case. You can find a robbery attorney in Allen County IN who is ready and able to help you when you contact A Arrested Hotline for help today.

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