Why Call a Car Accident Lawyer in New London CT?

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Lawyers

Many car accidents seem to be just that, but it is always wise to call a Car Accident Lawyer in New London CT anyway. Accidents are not necessarily as they appear. The other driver may have had a suspended license, directional lines in lanes may have been painted wrong, or the car brakes may have been faulty. The truth is that until someone investigates, the cause of any accident is unclear. If there has been an injury, there is no time to waste in gathering evidence and information to begin building a strong case. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible for a free consultation in order to understand legal rights, options, and processes.

Witnesses have to be interviewed, pictures of the scene have to be taken, and medical reports have to be reviewed. The road conditions, visibility, and any obstructions have to be noted to get a complete idea of what happened. It is more effective to work with accident reconstruction professionals when there is complete information gathered. That cannot be successfully done a week or two after the fact. Experienced lawyers, such as Stephen M. Reck, are willing to meet with accident victims in the hospital, at home, or at a rehabilitation center during recovery if necessary. Building a strong case takes time so meeting sooner rather than later is crucial.

It is important that victims know what to expect from insurance companies, the legal system, the other drivers, and even their employers. Do not talk to any insurance companies because they represent their own interests. The goal is to settle for as little as possible rather than make sure the needs of victims are met. Let the Car Accident Lawyer in New London CT represent you during talks with insurance companies. The lawyer will discuss the possible outcomes of the case and review what compensation will be requested. Most cases are settled out of court, but it is essential to hire a lawyer with extensive court experience. Aggressive representation includes being prepared to take the case to court if a settlement cannot be reached. Those who are injured in an accident can Visit the website for details and to schedule a consultation.

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