Can I Get Compensation if I’m a Railroad Worker With Cancer in Chicago?

by | Mar 28, 2024 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Working in the rail transportation industry can provide your household with a reliable and respectable income. The average railroad worker in Illinois makes $51,934 a year. However, there are significant risks involved in working on the railroad. One of the greatest risks you’ll face as a rail employee is exposure to toxic carcinogens, which can lead to railroad worker cancer. If you worked for the railroad and now have cancer, you may deserve compensation.

Railroad Toxins

You may be surprised to learn about the different toxins you can encounter on the job. Some of the carcinogens commonly found in the rail industry include:

• Diesel exhaust

• Asbestos

• Smoke

• Creosote

• Solvants

Prolonged exposure to these pollutants can lead to a wide range of cancers, including lung cancer, blood cancer, and bladder cancer.

Proving Your Case

If you suffer from railroad worker cancer, you will need to prove your injury and the cause of the injury to the court. However, it can be difficult to prove the cause of an illness. Luckily, the Federal Employers Liability Act states that as long as you can prove that your employer’s negligence was in some small way a contributing factor to your illness, you may qualify for compensation.

Start by scheduling a free consultation with your attorney. Bring all the evidentiary support you have at the moment, such as medical records and work emails about work conditions. Your lawyer will provide you with legal advice and potentially take your case.

Do you have railroad worker’s cancer? Schedule a consultation with Diesel Injury Law at Hughes Law Offices LLC.

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