Casino Theft Attorneys in Egg Harbor Township, NJ Could Defend Clients of Scams

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

If you have been charged with a casino crime, you may have been the victim of a scam. Some people are charged with theft if they gamble away their home and cannot pay the remaining markers held by a casino. Unfortunately, you can face a long prison sentence as a result.

That is why you need to contact casino theft attorneys in Egg Harbor Township, NJ if you have been changed with casino theft. For instance, for a minor theft of under $200 in markers, checks, or chips, you can face a six-month jail sentence. If the theft ranges from $200 to $500, the jail sentence can jump to 18 months.

Third Degree and Second Degree Offences

Any theft handled by casino theft attorneys that ranges from $500 to $75,000 is considered a third-degree offence and is punishable by a three- to five-year prison sentence. The charge escalates to a second-degree offence if the theft involves over $75,000 in markers, checks or chips. In this case, the offender faces a prison term of five to ten years.

Writing a Bad Check

One of the most common casino crimes handled by a firm, such as The Law Office of Mark D. Kargman, Esquire, involves the writing of a bad check or marker. A marker is treated as a check legally, and it also resembles a check. A casino provides credit, using a marker, before agreeing to hold the client’s check.

When the casino is ready to cash the check, it notifies the customer. If the check does not clear, the customer will be charged with theft or writing a bad check – normally after they have lost thousands of dollars.

First-Time Offenders

To assist a defendant in this type of case, casino theft attorneys must show that their client intended to pay the marker when it was issued but was unable to pay back the amount after gambling activities. Depending on the course a case takes, many people charged with the crime in New Jersey may be able to participate in community service. This type of opportunity is normally offered to first-time offenders. If the service is performed, the theft charge is eventually dismissed. Follow us on Twitter.

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