How to Choose Injury Lawyers for Help

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Lawyers

Injury lawyers in Cook County are there to help you with your court case or help speed up the negotiations and settlement procedure. While you aren’t required to hire someone, you may find that a lawyer can help you significantly. They know the law, they understand how insurance companies work, and they fight for your needs and rights. Finding one is easy with an online search, but choosing the right one is more challenging without a few tips to help.

Past Experience

You want a lawyer who has handled these cases before, but you also want to see how many wins they’ve had. Winning with personal injury cases can be challenging to see, but ask them how many cases they’ve settled, the net amount they’ve received for settlement cases, how many went to trial, and how many of those had been won. You’ll get a rough estimate of how well they’ve done in the past and how much they’re likely to help you.

Have an Initial Meeting/Consultation

While background and experience are essential, you also need to meet with the lawyer face to face at least once. You are more likely to spend time with their legal team rather than them, but you need to get an idea of how they see themselves and the world. You don’t want someone who’s rude or mean, but you also don’t want a welcome mat. You can also use this meeting to get to know the staff.

Ask Questions

It’s essential that you ask the lawyer questions, such as the fees they charge, payment plans, types of cases they handle, and whether or not they think they’ll win this case.

Injury lawyers in Cook County are essential to help you establish your case, so visit the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman LLC.

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