Common Questions a Law Firm Can Answer About Divorce Cases

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In Maryland, couples file a petition through the court to end their marriage, and they can make their own decisions about these proceedings. In fact, when couples can agree to the terms, the process becomes simple, and they can get the divorce finalized quickly. A law firm in Upper Marlboro, MD can provide answers to commonly asked questions about divorce cases.

How Do Couples Avoid a Divorce Trial?

A couple can avoid a divorce trial by entering into an agreement about property division, monetary assets, child custody, and support payments. They must also agree to terms related to income taxes, pension or retirement plans, and debts incurred during the divorce. If they can agree, the couple could finalize their divorce immediately following the required waiting period.

Can Couples Both Live in the Marital Home After the Divorce?

According to divorce laws, the couple cannot cohabitate after the divorce; however, if the couple agrees to live in the same home to benefit the child, the court may allow it. Some couples may choose to live in the home on alternating weeks to allow the child to remain in the marital home full time.

What Does the Law State About Significant Others Staying Overnight After the Divorce?

The couple can create an agreement that prohibits significant others from spending the night with either parent when the child is present. This term isn’t a standard requirement for divorces; however, some petitioners use this term to prevent the child from facing the confusion of overnight romantic guests that aren’t married to their parent. Some spouses use this term as a means to control their former spouse and won’t agree to custody arrangements unless the term is included in the agreement; however, it isn’t required by law.

In Maryland, couples can file for a divorce quickly if they agree to all the terms included in the divorce agreement. The couple can create their own agreement if they are capable of compromising and working together. Petitioners who need the assistance of a law firm in Upper Marlboro, MD for a divorce can contact Business Name today.

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