Why Consider An Attorney For Help With Social Security In Kansas City

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Attorney

If you have recently become disabled and cannot work, you may have heard of SSD, which can provide you with financial help when you cannot work. In some cases, it can be long-term or short-term disability assistance, which will cover expenses until you can work again. However, some people find that going through the process to get social security disability in Kansas City is too hard or lengthy for them to handle alone. You may want to hire an attorney to help you through the process.

Initially Denied

Almost 53 percent of disability claims are denied initially, according to the Social Security Administration. Therefore, if you live in Kansas City, you may have to file twice to get what you deserve. People who are represented by an attorney have a better chance of getting their benefits because the application is complete and you’ve got help along the way.

Technicalities Are Prevalent

In most cases, the application is denied because of a technicality, such as forgetting to sign or date the application. If the application isn’t complete, the SSA may not even look at it to determine the medical facts of your case. Because it can be tough to fill out such applications, a lawyer can help you get through it unscathed and make sure everything is correct before sending it to the appropriate department.

The Law Is Complex

Likewise, SSD benefits can be hard to get because the law itself is so complex. The government doesn’t want to pay for frivolity, so they make it more difficult to establish and claim and get benefits. Therefore, you may benefit from hiring a lawyer.

Social security in Kansas City can get you back on your feet and help cover the cost of living when you can’t work. Visit Grundy Disability Group today to learn more.

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