When Should You Consider Retaining a Houston Violent Crime Lawyer?

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Lawyers

Houston Violent Crime Lawyer

Violent crime offenses can wreak havoc on your life, especially without adequate representation. If you have been charged, a Houston violent crime lawyer can help defend you. Whether it is an assault charge, murder, or manslaughter, an attorney can form a defense.


Texas Penal Code §5.22.01 defines assault as anything that causes harm to someone. However, it also includes actions that threaten harm to another person. If you make contact with somebody, you can face assault charges, so get representation. Depending on the crime, these charges will be defined as either a misdemeanor or felony.


The State of Texas defines homicide as taking someone’s life, and it separates them into two types. Justified homicide is when someone was a threat to you. In contrast, unjustified homicide occurs when there is no justification.


Manslaughter is usually reserved for when someone dies, but there was no ill intent. Voluntary manslaughter may be a crime of passion triggered by a preceding event. Involuntary manslaughter is typically a crime of negligence. Even though the penalties are not as severe as in cases of murder, they are still serious. In some cases, involuntary manslaughter charges may be upgraded to second-degree murder.


Battery charges are not a light situation, and the penalties can be up to a year of jail time. Battery differs from assault in that contact is an essential part of its definition. Assault charges can occur, even though nobody touched anyone.

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