Criminal Defence Counsel in Singapore – How to Hire a Team

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Attorney

If you’re facing a legal battle of any kind, it’s crucial to have an experienced, compassionate, and professional lawyer on your side. Who do you hire for assistance with your legal needs?

Getting the best criminal defence counsel in Singapore is a critical investment. It could mean getting the support you require while you deal with these complex and challenging times.


When you hire a criminal defence counsel in Singapore, you must seek out a law firm that has specific experience in the law area where you face charges. For example, you might be in trouble for assault, violent crimes, drunk driving, investment scams, rioting, and many other situations. Ensure that the law firm has handled such cases before and been successful.

Success doesn’t always mean winning cases, but that is the ultimate goal. Sometimes, you’re guilty, but the criminal defence counsel in Singapore helps you get a lesser plea deal.

Commitment to You

You can find legal support that’s compassionate and caring to achieve the best outcome for you. Generally, excellent law firms are willing to work with you and offer affordable payments or other options. Lawyers realize that mistakes happen; whether someone levied the wrong charges at you or you’re guilty, they work hard to overcome the challenges and represent you.

What a Criminal Defence Counsel Does

The main goal of a defence counsel is to defend you, whether they believe you’re innocent or not. If you’re accused of a crime, they must:

• Give criminal cases priority over other matters
• Stay with you, even when you don’t accept the advice
• Not withdraw from the case unless it’s in your best interest
• Be present throughout the trial or make sure you’re represented

Seeking criminal defence counsel in Singapore often means you’re facing significant accusations of crimes. It’s wise to work with the team at Bishop Law. Call +65 6809 1164 to request your free consultation and get answers to your questions!

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