Criminal Defense Attorneys in Chandler AZ Can Help Clients Defend Against Property Crime Charges

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Lawyers

Many Criminal Defense Attorneys in Chandler AZ are asked questions pertaining to property crime and its defenses. Property crimes are those involving the destruction or theft of another person’s property. They are usually classed as misdemeanors, and they typically carry short jail terms and fines. However, theft or damage of expensive items can bring about felony charges.

Examples of Property Crime

A property crime is usually based on theft, but it can include offenses such as criminal property damage, vandalism, defacement of art, burglary, breaking and entering or trespassing. These offenses are often committed in conjunction with other crimes; for example, many battery cases involve property damaged in a fight.

Defenses to Property Crimes

Despite the seriousness of property crimes, there are ways to defend against such accusations. Certain defenses may be usable depending on the type of case and its circumstances. The most common defenses include:

*    Necessity-; It is often argued that property damage is necessary for an emergency. For example, a person might break a window to escape from a fire.

  *    Coercion-; If a defendant was coerced into damaging or stealing property under threat of death or injury, that defense may apply.

*    Mistake-; Theft crimes require the presence of criminal intent. Where a person did not intend to take an item, no criminal intent exists. If someone mistakenly takes an item, they may be able to raise this defense.

Every case is different, and only an attorney can recommend the appropriate defense. Property crime defenses depend on the case’s facts, as well as state law. Those facing criminal charges should call a lawyer as soon as possible to protect their legal rights and to begin the establishment of a defense.

Hire a Lawyer for Help Preparing a Property Crime Defense

Mounting a property crime defense usually requires an in-depth knowledge of the law. If one is facing charges, they should Visit here to hire a criminal defense attorney. Criminal Defense Attorneys in Chandler AZ can represent the client in court, and they can guide them through the complexities of the legal system. By hiring an attorney, the client may be able to minimize the effects of criminal charges. Contact The law firm of Janet R. Feeley, L.L.C for more information.

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