Defend Your Rights with an Experienced Criminal Attorney in Marion, IA

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Our criminal justice system is based on the idea that we are all created equal and thus all entitled to equal protection under the law, and nowhere is that precept more important than when it comes to criminal trials. There are few things more critical to our justice system than the right of the accused to have an attorney by his or her side and plead his or her case in a fair and timely manner.

Here are just a few things that a quality criminal attorney in Marion, IA can do for you.

Defend Your Rights

One of the most troubling facts about the criminal justice system is just how many people forgo their rights to a criminal attorney and trial altogether. They are coerced into thinking that there’s “no way out” or that it’s “not worth the trouble” and simply plead guilty. This is very often a huge mistake as not only can that guilty plea follow you for the rest of your life, severely damaging social relationships and your ability to get a job, but it denies you your right to a fair trial.

Don’t let yourself be coerced into giving up your legal rights: let a quality criminal attorney defend you and your rights.

Experience Counts

When you do go to trial, you want to be sure that you get the best defense for your case possible. With the stakes so high, you likewise want to make sure you have an attorney on your side with whom you can speak freely when it comes to planning your defense. Trust is vital in the attorney-client relationship and you would ideally like to entrust your case to a legal team with decades worth of experience, and sites such as visit us website can help you find them.

Defend your rights with the help of an experienced criminal attorney in Iowa today.

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