Details About a Dog Attack Case That a Lawyer in Royse City, TX Can Explain Further

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Lawyers

In Texas, pet owners must take precautions to lower the risk of a dog attack. They must follow leash laws and vaccination requirements. They must also maintain control over their dog by preventing them from accessing people when the owner is away from home. The following are details about a dog attack case that a lawyer in Royse City, TX can explain further.

The Responsibilities of the Pet Owner

The pet owner must prevent their pets from attacking any individual who is invited into their home. They must protect service providers who must enter their home or the property’s exterior to perform services. They aren’t responsible for anyone who enters the property through unlawful means. Trespassing and home invasions are among these unlawful acts.

Medical Treatment for the Injuries

The victim must seek medical treatment immediately. The doctor who provides treatment offers full records of the victim’s injuries. These records are a vital piece of the puzzle and provide clear evidence of the victim’s injuries. These records show the full story including how these injuries may affect the victim throughout their life.

What Could Occur After the Animal Control Officer Is Notified?

It is the duty of the animal control officer to identify any risks to the public. If a dog attack is reported, this officer will visit the pet owner’s home. The owner must present the officer with updated shot records for the animal. The primary vaccinations required are those that prevent rabies.

What Are Strict Liabilities in These Cases?

Strict liabilities are defined by the awareness of the owner of any previous attacks. If the animal has attacked human before, the pet owner is held at a strict liability for failing to provide a proper duty to the victim.

In Texas, pet owners are required to follow steps to protect visitors and service providers from a dog attack. They must complete precautions to protect themselves from common liabilities associated with theses events. A failure to comply with local laws leads to monetary awards for the victim. Any victim of a dog attack must hire a lawyer in Royse City, TX by contacting law offices of Tim Hartley or visit the website.

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