Disabled Veterans Can Claim For Compensation

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Attorney

Well over two million American servicemen and women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, of these; about 600 thousand have a service related disability. These disabled members of the services have the right to claim disability compensation. Monthly monetary benefits are paid to those that are disabled based on the severity of their injury and the number of dependents the veteran has. It is not easy to claim benefits, the rules, regulations and laws that apply are complex, in the majority of cases it is wise to engage a veterans benefits attorney in Texas to help with the claim and appeal if necessary.

Claim what you are entitled to:

Years of engagement has left hundreds of thousands of veterans with a wide range of disabilities that are directly related to their service. It is not just recent engagements, there are veterans still claiming benefits for disabilities that date back to the Viet Nam era.

There is absolutely no need to be ashamed of claiming benefits, as a disabled veteran, you earned them. If you find that your service related disability makes it difficult to find meaningful employment you should apply for your rightful benefits. There are numerous reasons why you should pursue a claim and get an official designation for your specific condition.

  • Additional money: Even if you are rated at a low ten percent disabled that in itself is worth close to $130 a month in benefits; tax free.
  • Condition may get worse: It is far from being unusual to be released from service and still be in your twenties. If you were injured, it might not be a problem now, but what about when you’re 50 or older. Start now and start being paid for your service.

Don’t delay; contact a veterans benefits attorney in Texas as soon as possible to find out how to claim that which you deserve.

If you suffered a service related injury or illness that has left you disabled then contact a veterans benefits attorney in Texas and claim for what is rightfully yours. You are invited to contact Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law for additional information and a no charge consultation.

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