Do You Need an Uncontested Divorce Law Attorney in Monroe County PA?

by | Feb 8, 2020 | Lawyers

When people think of an uncontested divorce, they often assume the divorce is a completely amicable one that both parties really want. This is actually not the case all the time. In fact, many uncontested divorces may have started out as hotly-contested divorces. The simple fact is that a contested divorce is not only far more difficult to obtain, but it is also considerably more time consuming. The average contested divorce will take a year, if not years, to move through the court system. However, an uncontested divorce can be processed in a matter of months in many cases. However, it will take the help of an uncontested Divorce law attorney in Monroe County PA, to move the case from contested to uncontested.

Convincing the Spouse

One of the main jobs of a divorce lawyer is working with the opposing spouse, trying to convince him or her that an uncontested divorce is actually in his or her favor. This can be difficult in cases in which the opposing spouse feels they have been greatly wronged or when the opposing spouse feels very strongly that their religion will look down on them for divorcing. However, with smart concessions, an opposing spouse can often be convinced to agree to an uncontested divorce. The lawyer will explain to them how much money and time will be saved, and how they will be able to get more of what they want this way, rather than if they pursued the case in court.

Overall, the biggest benefit of an uncontested divorce is simplicity. There is no faster and easier way to get through a terribly difficult time as a divorce than opting for the uncontested option. Naturally, mediation is a very important part of most uncontested divorces. People who would otherwise be completely unable to even be in the same room together may be able to come to a fair agreement if a skilled lawyer sits at the table with them during the negotiations process. If you need an uncontested divorce law attorney in Monroe County PA, call The Law Offices of Megan Reaser & William J. Reaser to discuss your case today.

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