FAQs About A Medical Malpractice Case Answered By A Personal Injury Lawyer In Hollywood, FL

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Lawyers

In Florida, all doctors are required to follow all federal regulations associated with high-quality health care. These doctors must provide adequate health care based on their knowledge and abilities. Any failure to provide this high standard of care is a direct violation of federal laws and creates a legal liability. The following are FAQs about medical malpractice cases answered by a Personal Injury Lawyer Hollywood FL.

Why is a Medical Witness Required in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

A medical witness is needed to corroborate the victim’s claim. The witness explains how the procedure is supposed to be performed. They explain how the error occurred and exactly what step was omitted or performed incorrectly. This witness must possess the exact same credentials as the defendant. They must perform the same procedure on a regular basis and be familiar with all necessary protocol.

Can a Patient File a Claim After the Erroneous Doctor Admits What Happens?

Yes, even if the doctor admitted their liability and apologized, the victim retains the right to file a legal claim. Under these circumstances, however, the hospital board is aware of this event and are more than likely taking steps to lessen the impact of any legal action. Once the legal claim is filed, the hospital board may schedule an appointment with the victim to achieve a settlement if possible.

Why is Forensic Testing Critical to These Cases?

Forensic testing is critical in these cases in that they are a more effective option for acquiring conclusive results. The doctors conduct tests to determine if the actions identified will create the exact injury sustained by the patient. If the patient dies, an autopsy is performed to identify the exact cause of death.

How Soon Should the Victim File a Claim?

Most victims are advised to file a claim as soon as they are aware of the medical error. Fast action can lead to the acquisition of all evidence. If the victim cannot act on their own behalf, a family member can contact an attorney for them.

In Florida, patients who sustain medical injuries need to file a claim quickly. Through the claim, they acquire compensation for their expenses and common tort rulings. Patients who need to file a claim hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Hollywood FL or Browse Site now.

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