FAQs To Direct Toward A Work Injury Attorney

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Attorney

In Pennsylvania, employers must mitigate risks to lower the probability of worker-related accidents. These risks are associated with structural repairs, faulty equipment or machinery, and hazards conditions that could lead to occupational illnesses. The following are FAQs to direct toward a Work Injury Attorney when an employer fails to manage these risks properly.

Are There Specific Deadlines for Claims?

Yes, the initial claim for the accident must be filed within the first thirty days following the accident. If the worker doesn’t inform their employer of the accident or their injuries, they could forfeit all rights to any benefits. Additionally, the worker must ensure that the doctor who provides care for the injury submits the medical report within a ten-day period following treatment. If the employee chooses to file a lawsuit or other legal claim, they face a statute of limitations of two years.

Are There Limitations Related to Filing a Work Injury Claim?

Yes, the employee won’t receive any additional benefits if they don’t follow company policies. These policies relate to instances that include but are not limited to drug or alcohol use while on the job, wearing improper work attire, or not following instructions for using key equipment. If the worker fails to comply with these policies, the employer and their insurer are within their rights to deny worker’s compensation benefits.

Who Determines if the Employee Receives Additional Benefits?

The claims adjuster assigned to the claim determines if the employee receives monetary benefits and further coverage for their injuries. They must assess the terms of the policy and the circumstances of the accident when processing the claim. Any determination that shows a failure to comply with policies or if the injuries don’t meet the terms of coverage, the claims adjust denies the claim.

In Pennsylvania, employers must acquire worker’s compensation coverage for their workers. The insurance provides benefits if the worker is injured while performing their job duties. However, there are certain limitations that apply to these accidents. These limitations are enforced if the worker fails a drug or alcohol test or if they fail to comply with all company policies. Workers who need assistance through a Work Injury Attorney contact Business Name. today. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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