FAQs Directed Toward A DUI In Cincinnati, OH

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In the state of Ohio, drivers must comply with laws specific to drinking and driving. These drivers who choose to drive while intoxicated are in violation of the law and will face criminal penalties upon conviction. The following are FAQs directed toward a DUI Attorney in Cincinnati OH about these offenses.

What are the Blood Alcohol Content Readings that Indicate a DUI?

Currently, the standard blood-alcohol content reading for adults who are at least 21 is 0.08%. However, if these adults are commercial drivers, this reading is lowered to 0.04%. Any driver who is under the age of 21 and consumed alcohol illegally face charges with a reading of 0.02%.

What Rules Apply to Chemical Testing?

The state of Ohio does allow drivers to refuse to submit to chemical testing. However, if they refuse to submit to testing, they must provide payment for their own test for the purpose of proving that they are not intoxicated. However, if the driver is visibly intoxicated or was involved in an automobile accident, any refusal to submit to testing is a punishable crime.

What Happens if the Driver Refuses to be Tested?

Under circumstances mentioned above in which a driver refuses chemical testing, they face certain criminal penalties. The first offense leads to a one-year driver’s license suspension. The second refusal incurs a two-year suspension. A third conviction equates to a three-year suspension. Any conviction beyond a third offense in a six-year period incurs no less than a five-year suspension.

What are the Criminal Penalties for a DUI?

The first conviction equates to at least 72-hours in an alcohol treatment facility. Their fines range between $375 up to $1,075. The license suspension range between six months and three years. These penalties apply to all DUI convictions with a blood-alcohol content reading between 0.08% and 0.17 percent.

In Ohio, laws are in place to lower the risks associated with drunk driving. These laws impose serious criminal penalties based on the driver’s previous record and intoxication level. If the driver is involved in an accident with injury, they could incur additional criminal charges. Drivers facing these charges contact a DUI Attorney in Cincinnati OH by visiting Website today.

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