Fighting A Domestic Violence Offense With A Criminal Law Lawyer

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Criminal Lawyer

In Kansas, domestic violence is defined as any physical harm at the hands of members of the same households. The victim or attacker could include siblings, parents, spouses, and individuals who lived in the home at one time. A Criminal Law Lawyer prepares a legal defense for defendants facing these charges.

The Identity of the Victim

When law enforcement officers arrive at the scene, someone is going to jail. As the officers conduct their assessment, they review each party involved in the incident. Typically, the individual with the most severe injuries is considered the victim. However, as they review the situation, it is possible that each party may present testimony that makes it difficult to make a clear distinction. In these cases, both parties are arrested for domestic violence.

Self-Inflicted Injuries

When starting the defense, the attorney has access to all evidence against the defendant. The evidence is analyzed by forensic labs. Their assessment determines what injuries could have been self-inflicted according to the pattern of the injuries. It is the presence of any self-inflicted injuries that are used to support a defense against the criminal charges.

Protection Orders and Additional Violations

A protection order is often provided to prevent any further injuries. The orders prohibit the criminal defendant from contacting the victim. This could prevent them from visiting their own home or visiting the place in which the victim works. Any violation of the order could lead to further criminal charges. For this reason, if the defendant needs anything from their home, it is recommended that they secure a third-party to visit the home with an officer.

Connections Between Cases

Divorce cases may connect to these domestic violence cases. When this happens, the outcome of the criminal case could influence matters such as child custody. Typically, the defendant could be faced with supervised visitation if their child wasn’t the victim.

In Kansas, domestic violence is a heinous crime that affects families throughout the state. The offenses involve members of the same household. In a majority of cases, the victim is often a spouse or child. Defendants who are facing these charges contact a Criminal Law Lawyer by visiting us for more information now. You can follow them on Twitter.

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