Following the Appropriate Steps With a Product Liability Lawyer

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Lawyers

Consumers have the legal right to expect safety when purchasing products in the marketplace. It is this right that is upheld when manufacturers fail consumers and cause injuries. Through the legal system, these victims have the right to not only acquire compensation, but to also create awareness among others. A product liability lawyer helps these victims on this process.

Identifying the Flaw in the Product

After an injury occurs, additional product testing is vital. It is through this testing that flaws are identified. They determine if the origin of the flaw is assembly or if it resides within the original design. It is this testing that backs up the claim of the consumer that the product is faulty.

Reporting the Incident to the CRPA

Consumers have the right to report all product-related injuries to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. The agency examines the product to inspect the flaw. They could launch a full investigation of the product. If they do, the manufacturer must release the plans for the product. This documentation shows the agency if the flaw was present in the design and if the manufacturer was aware of these risks.

Are There More Victims?

Once the CRPA is involved, they notify all consumers of the potential injuries related to the product. They give other consumers who were injured the time needed to file additional reports. If there are more victims, more lawsuits are filed against the manufacturer. When this occurs, the Consumer Rights Protection Agency launches a product recall.

A product recall requires the manufacturer to refund the money to the consumers. Unless, however, the flaw can be repaired. If this is the case, they must repair all models of this product. This doesn’t prevent injury victims from collecting damages from these individuals.

Consumers have certain legal rights when it comes to what they buy. With these rights comes the understanding that all products released should be safe for these consumers. When products aren’t safe, the manufacturer fails to provide a duty to these consumers. Victims of unsafe products should contact a product liability lawyer by visiting Website Domain for more details about these cases.

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