Four Ways a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Temecula Can Help the Abused

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Equilegal

Domestic violence is more commonplace than it should be. According to the American Psychological Association, every year approximately 4,800,000 women are abused by their domestic partner. This number does not include men who are subjected to domestic abuse or those that are killed by their partners. For many people, this information may be chilling, and it should be. This is a major problem in the US, and it seems to be increasing rather than decreasing over time.

When someone decides to separate from their violent partner, they usually need help. Everyone from the police to a domestic violence lawyer in Temecula can be instrumental in ensuring that an abused person be able to get away from the person causing them harm. The following are a few of the things a lawyer can do.

Filing a Restraining Order

Some abusers can be kept away by law. A restraining order is sometimes enough to end the abuse and protect the victim. A domestic violence lawyer in Temecula will help their client fill out the appropriate paperwork and file it with the correct section of the court.

Document the Abuse

Often, the first step to have an abuser put in jail is to document the abuse. When someone can’t get away from their partner, and the police are ineffective when it comes to protection, sometimes the only recourse is to take notes and photos and be prepared to take them to the DA. The lawyer will document this in their office, and will also recommend their client go to the hospital for further documentation.

Show Self-Defense

Sometimes an abused person decides they aren’t going to be hurt anymore and they fight back. This can lead to bodily harm to the abuser who then files an abuse charge. If this leads to an arrest, the attorney can use past documentation, personal accounts, and eyewitness statements to defend their client.

Defend the Wrongfully Accused

Unfortunately, it happens that someone accuses someone of abuse that never occurred. This is the type of lawyer that is ideal for defending this person and helping to clear their name.

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