Gaining an Advocate in an Auto Accident Lawyer from Dayton, OH, for Your Case

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Accident Attorney

A car wreck can take a devastating toll on your life. Not only can it rob you of your vehicle and your ability to drive it safely. It also can leave you with serious injuries that are painful and take away your ability to return to work right away.

Rather than face these consequences on your own, you can gain an important ally when you retain an auto accident lawyer in Dayton, OH. Your attorney can pursue compensation and closure that you are entitled to under your state’s personal injury laws.

Recovering Repair Costs

The person or people at fault for the wreck owe you money for repairing your car. Your lawyer can file a claim against the responsible party’s insurer. He or she can make sure that the insurance company pays the money directly to the auto body shop.

Recovering Lost Wages and Punitive Damages

The responsible party’s obligation to you does not end with paying for your repair bills. They also owe you money for your lost wages as well as your punitive damages. Your lawyer can pursue both through either a lawsuit or a settlement.

You can learn more about why an auto accident lawyer in Dayton, OH, can be such a valuable ally to have in the days and weeks following a car wreck. You can request a free consultation about your case by contacting Business Name today.

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