How to Get Help from a Foreclosure Attorney in Lawrence, KS

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Attorney

Homeowners do all they possibly can to make sure they make their mortgage payments on time so they can eventually pay it off. Unfortunately, unexpected issues can arise that can cause a homeowner to grow behind on their payments. People facing foreclosure need to learn how they can get help from a foreclosure attorney in Lawrence, KS.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Getting help from a foreclosure attorney in Lawrence, KS can make a big difference in the process. Bankruptcy is an option that can help homeowners avoid foreclosure because once it has been approved, a cease and desist order is sent out by the judge. This order prevents all creditors from pursuing any form of collection activity, which means the mortgage holder will not be able to foreclose on the property.

The attorney will help their client through the entire process of pursuing their bankruptcy. The attorney will fill out all of the paperwork to ensure it is filed appropriately. Once the courts have approved the bankruptcy, a third-party trustee is placed over the case. This person is held responsible for making sure the payments are made each month to the court so the bankruptcy remains in good standing.

Schedule a Consultation

To find out if a person will qualify for this type of bankruptcy, they need to first schedule an appointment with the attorney. The attorney will review the client’s financial records, including tax documents, wage statements, and the debts they owe.

There are two types of bankruptcies that can be filed, but those who are facing foreclosure will need to file for chapter 13 so they will not lose their home. With this type of bankruptcy, individuals can overcome their debt and get a fresh start for their financial needs.

Those who are in need of help with their mounting debt should contact an attorney for legal advice. With the help of an attorney, the process of filing for bankruptcy will be much easier. Call the Law Office of Joe Wittman so your appointment can be scheduled right away. Allow them to help you through the process so you can be approved for bankruptcy.

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