Good Reasons to Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Scranton, PA

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Every day, married couples decide they no longer want to continue their relationship. In order to separate, they must divide all the assets and debts they acquired during the time they were married. Young couples who do not have children, own property, or have a lot of debt may be able to get divorced quickly and easily. In some cases, these couples can even file their own divorce documents with the court and end their marriage within a few months.

However, married couples with complex assets, custody disagreements, or serious debt situations may need the help of an experienced divorce lawyer in Scranton, PA, clients trust in order to end their union. If these kinds of divorces must go to trial, they often take a lot of time and, sometimes, require a significant amount of resources. Spouses may be able to get divorced more quickly and for a lower cost if they are able to agree on the terms.

This type of agreement should only be made with the help of an attorney. Manipulation and coercion can lead people to agree to things that aren’t in their best interests. When couples who have significant assets get divorced, it’s important to have a Divorce Lawyer Scranton PA, clients trust to review their financial situation and ensure that all of their assets are considered in the divorce. Savvy and dishonest spouses may attempt to hide assets in order to get more than their fair share in the divorce.

While negotiating might still be possible in cases like this, it’s essential for the spouse who was not in control of the family’s financial resources during the marriage to be represented by a skilled attorney such as John T. O’Malley Attorney At Law. A lawyer could explain a client’s rights and responsibilities throughout the divorce and help them understand what to expect if they are unable to negotiate and have to go to trial. If a case must go to litigation in order to ensure a client receives an equitable portion of the assets, choosing a divorce lawyer the courts respect is usually the best choice.

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