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by | Jun 22, 2016 | Lawyers

Going through a divorce is hard, but when children are involved it’s always a lot harder. Though some couples hope to handle their divorces, child custody and support issues on their own, when children are involved emotions tend to run high. It’s usually recommended that divorcing couples consult child support attorneys in Sugar Land, TX to ensure that any custody and support agreements are fair to both parents and whatever arrangements made are always in the best interests of the children.

Most parents realize that it is their legal duty to support their children, yet, surprisingly, many scoff at paying support. If one spouse has sole custody of the children, it’s usually understood that the other parent is responsible for paying child support. The amount of child support the non-custodial parent is required to pay is generally based on state guidelines. The parent’s income and custody arrangement usually determine how much the parent will be responsible for paying.

If two parents share joint-custody of their children, most likely neither will be responsible for support, as they each share custody and responsibility for the children. Each parent pays their share when the children are under their care. Of course, if one parent makes quite a bit more money than the other, even if the parents share joint custody, child support attorneys in Sugar Land, TX will argue that the more financially secure parent should pay additional support to the financially lacking parent to ensure the child’s day-to-day needs are met.

Child support attorneys can help parents on both sides of the agreement. They can ensure that non-custodial parents pay their fair share to the custodial parent, as the custodial parent encounters many extra costs in raising the children, from clothing and shoes to doctor visits and school field trips. There is always something the children need money for. Likewise, as the noncustodial parent may be paying more support than they can afford, the attorney will ensure that all the money sent is going to the needs of the child, as that is what the money is solely for, not for parental needs.

Click here to learn more about child support payments and the state guidelines determining what it may have to be payed. Speaking to an attorney is always recommended to ensure a fair arrangement among both parents and the children is reached.

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