Should You Hire a Social Security Lawyer in Tulsa?

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Equilegal

Although filing for disability does not always require the help of a Social Security Lawyer in Tulsa, it sometimes can. When someone becomes disabled, it is their right as an American citizen to receive disability benefits. Regrettably, many people are denied, even when they are deserving of benefits. It is important disabled individuals know the warning signs they should seek help from a Social Security Lawyer in Tulsa.

Why Are Applicants Denied Their Benefits?

Deciding whether or not to hire a Social Security Lawyer in Tulsa can be difficult. Knowing the circumstances that might require legal intervention is vital in pursuing disability benefits from the government.

* When a person makes too much each month, they can be denied their disability benefits. The Social Security Administration allows disabled individuals to earn up to $1000 per month. Making over this amount will easily lead to a denial of benefits. Working with a lawyer can allow a person to receive benefits while still remaining employed, at least part-time.

* Another common reason for denials is the diagnosis. If the Social Security Administration does not feel the mental or physical condition is severe enough, they will likely deny the claim. They will also deny the claim if they feel the condition is temporary.

* Those who are under 50 often find it difficult to be approved for disability simply because the Administration feels those who are younger will have an easier time finding a job that meets their needs.

* Incomplete claims are often a reason for denial. Extensive information must be provided to the Administration, including detailed statements from medical professionals. Working with a lawyer will help to ensure a person has all of the medical proof that is needed for pursuing their claim.

* According to the Administration, around 30% of all denials are caused by simple technical errors. Technical issues can be avoided when a person hires a lawyer to represent them and help them with the claim’s process.

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