Hiring a Parentage Attorney in Carlsbad, CA to Prove Paternity

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Attorney

A person might find he or she needs to establish paternity to show the legal relationship between a child and his or her father. There are numerous situations where this step may become necessary and involving the court is of great help when it comes to legal matters involving the child. The court does not have any say in the biological relation. It simply determines who has the rights and responsibilities of parentage when it comes to the child in question. The two parties might not be related by blood in this situation as a result. Why should a Parentage Attorney in Carlsbad CA be hired to handle this process?

Legal Rights

When a parent retains an attorney to establish parentage, he or she is doing so to secure legal rights to the child. These rights allow the person to make future parenting agreements and decisions for the child. Furthermore, it allows the parent to change the child’s legal last name and travel with him or her. Most people associate paternity suits with mothers working to enforce a child support order, but there are many other situations where it may be beneficial. It allows the child to claim social security, life insurance, VA benefits, and more.

Voluntary Establishment of Paternity or Court Ordered Tests

A person may voluntarily establish paternity when the child is born or shortly thereafter. However, be aware that a mother may name her current husband as the father even if he is not. In this case, the biological father may need to file a suit to prove his parentage. The court then becomes involved to determine the legal parent and establish his rights. A mother may need to file this suit also if the father is denying his involvement.

Visit Us to learn more about establishing parentage if there are any questions as to who has legal rights to a child. A Parentage Attorney in Carlsbad CA can be of great help as this process moves forward. The legal system is very complex, and any mistakes during the process can lead to a delay or a denial of the individual’s petition. Don’t let this happen. The attorney works to ensure it doesn’t.

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